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Founded in 1981, Orient First Capital Limited is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Orient First Capital Limited, with assets of almost 103 billion and over 8,000 employees.

Our corporate culture and way of working ensure our clients enjoy genuinely superior service. Our strengths include:

More than 100 highly skilled and experienced professionals with technical and industry-specific expertise

Low staff turnover, enabling us to provide clients with consistently high-quality investment services

Customized service

State-of-the-art, efficient back-office systems and processes
What separates us from virtually all the others is that we specialise in providing long-term funds only for all things relating to loan, equine pursuits, and more or less any other land based commercial business. At Orient First Capital Limited, we strive to offer you the latest products and services at the lowest cost. Check out our competitive dividend rates and loan rates. We can provide you with quick and personal service suited to your fast-paced lifestyle. Remember, at Orient First Capital Limited, you are a member not a customer.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a multi-million dollar financial institution with a diverse membership. If you live, work, worship, or attend school within the Asia, you are eligible for membership. The Orient First Capital Limited also serves the employees of many companies. If you are already a Orient First Capital Limited member, all of your family members may also join the Orient First Capital Limited.