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Orient First Capital Limited Funds has a variety of simple solutions to meet diverse investment needs and take the guess work out of investing, so you can get on with your life.

The Orient First Capital Limited Portfolios Selected, Partners, Vision, offer professionally managed, maintenance free solutions to help you reach your investment goals.

Each of the Portfolios invests in a range of mutual funds chosen to provide strategic asset allocation and diversification to match your investment needs.

The portfolios are monitored and rebalanced on an ongoing basis, offering the convenience of one investment, one price, one performance record and one statement.
Which is right for you?

Orient First Capital Limited Selected Portfolios
For investors seeking a diversified, rigorous and convenient investment solution built on the renowned strength of the Orient First Capital Limited Funds suite of mutual funds.

Orient First Capital Limited Partners Portfolios
For investors looking for maximum diversification through a broad base of best-in-class mutual funds from some of the most respected managers in Hong Kong’s fund industry.

Orient First Capital Limited Vision Portfolios
For investors with a defined goal and timeframe, the Vision Portfolios invest in a range of Orient First Capital Limited Funds and become more conservative as their target date approaches.